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Negative Interest Rates Are ILLEGAL

We used to live in societies which observed the Rule of Law. Among the many great ironies and perversities of our social/legal devolution is this. Many of our fundamental principles of law (and justice) were such an integral part of our lives that they were taken for granted, and thus rarely discussed in explicit terms. Now, in the Corrupt West, many of these same principles of law/justice have been forgotten – seemingly erased by our lawless governments.

One of these elementary principles of law is the commercial doctrine of “consideration”. The premise and legal principle is a simple one. In order for any commercial transaction to be recognized as being legitimate (and thus legal), both parties to any transaction/contract have to derive some material benefit. In law; this material benefit is known by the name “consideration”. There must be consideration, on both sides of any/every commercial transaction.

At this point; many readers will already grasp that so-called “negative interest rates” violate the legal doctrine of consideration, and thus fail the test as a basis for any legal/legitimate commercial transactions. However, this merely scratches the surface when it comes to the degree to which our criminalized interest rates violate the Rule of Law. To fully appreciate the lawlessness of what our puppet governments are inflicting upon us (for the benefit of our Banker Overlords), we need to delve further back into this litany of criminality.

The starting point in our descent into fraud and illegality with respect to our interest rate regimen is the so-called “0% interest rate”. There is no such thing as a “0% interest rate” or 0% loan. By definition; an interest rate is a positive number. It is the price we pay in exchange for the use of capital.

As has been explained previously; what our corrupt governments call a “0% interest rate”, our Justice System (the real one) calls a “sham transaction”. We know this, in our two-tier societies, because if Ordinary People attempt to engage in the sham transaction of a “0% loan”, their transactions will be immediately subjected to legal scrutiny (generally by the Tax Man) and deemed to be null-and-void, as sham transactions.

Some readers will claim that this is not true. They will assert that “0% loans” and 0% financing are now common, legitimate aspects of our world of commerce, with automobile sales being a commonly cited example. Why can car-dealers offer “0% financing”, and not have these transactions nullified as sham transactions?

It is because these transactions do observe the legal doctrine of consideration. It is simply that these transactions have been disguised to create the illusion that the purchaser is getting “something for nothing” (i.e. free financing). Nothing could be further from the truth. The supposed “free financing” is merely an incentive to purchase, provided in lieu of other sales incentives.

If the same purchaser sought to purchase the same vehicle, but without the perk of “0% financing”, then instead of that incentive they...