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Microsoft Surface Studio Embarrasses Apple iMac and MacBook

Watching this video should scare iMac and Macbook users. Microsoft, for the second time after the Surface Pro release, is showing its innovation skills with the Surface Studio.

Targeting the digital graphic artist market, the Studio makes any of the Apple desktops an inferior choice. Apple should take notice on Microsoft’s new product. Adding more memory, a thinner body, and an update to the graphics card is not enough. Apple now needs to consider adding a touchscreen to its computers. It needs to consider adding “Pencil” support for them, too.

For now, Microsoft is not a significant threat to the Mac line. Microsoft sells around $1 billion of Surface devices a quarter. Apple sells six times that. If that gap narrows next quarter, then Apple will realize it is falling behind. Needless to say, Apple’s stock will fall, even though computer sales are less important than iPhone sales.