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He Didn't Call.. Why Didn't You Call Me Obama?

Is it concerning Obama didn't give Benjamin Netanyahu a congratulatory call for his election victory? "You never call, you never write, I win an election and yet I sit by the phone." (old jewish grandma voice)

Analogous to this situation: "I cant believe Fred hasn't called to congratulate me on my new car, you mean the car you hit him with?

Is he Netanyahu on Romney level?: "The poors are stealing our country. If Obama wins, a moocher will win, and you daughter will marry a moocher"

Thank You Mr. Jon Stewart for showing us the real news.

Sally made a good point on Daily Caller  "Are you referring to the 20% of Israeli citizens who are Muslims with full citizenship rights, including the vote? What percentage of Jews are full citizens and vote in Muslim nations? I forget."