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Will McDonald's Break 52 week-High?

McDonald's Corp. (MCD), the giant fast food chain, will announce its earning before the bell tomorrow. Do you think it will be a good day for McDonald's? Well, right now McDonald's is trading nearly 52 week-high at $100.27 per share. McDonald’s Corp. has a one year low of $83.31 and a one year high of $103.70. I think this quarter will be hit more than hit for me. It has been focusing on the core menu, the healthier menu to target people that want to have alternative choice of healthier food. The dollar menu is back in this weak economy. I think this helps for its revenue. McDonals is also focusing on expansion strategy on emerging markets. China's fast food rose more than 14%. McDonald's plans to expand its chain to 2000 restaurant by the end of this year. Moreover, McDonald's will open the restaurant in Vietnam next year. I think McDonald's still have more room to grow in this emerging markets for sure. Analyst expected that McDonald's target price will be around $106 which means it will break 52 week-high. What do you think about that?