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Apple's iPhone Now Impacts Almost Every Part of Its Business

As Apple prepares to report its fiscal third quarter earnings, it's hard not to focus on the iPhone's now-massive contribution to Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) top and bottom lines. iPhone sales accounted for 63% of the $215.6 billion in revenue that Apple produced in fiscal 2016 (ended in September 2016), and likely a larger portion of its gross profit. And the company's quarterly iPhone sales numbers and outlook typically play a very big role in how its shares move following an earnings report.

TheStreet will be hosting a live blog analyzing Apple's fiscal third quarter earnings report after the market close on Tuesday. Please check our home page for more details.

But not enough attention is arguably given to the role the iPhone plays in driving the revenue streams that make up the other 37% of Apple's sales. For some of these revenue streams, such as various accessories and services, the role is pretty obvious. For others, it's a little more indirect.

For starters, it's safe to assume that a solid majority of the more than $8 billion in net revenue that the App Store produced in 2016 was related to apps being used on...