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Elbit Systems: The Growth Stock Of The Defense Industry

With the turmoil and instability in the Middle East, even with declining US congressional funding and more rigid contracts, investors are looking for unique ways to take advantage of these turbulent times. One company in particular is on its way to becoming a major player on the front lines of the international defense community.

Elbit Systems Ltd (NASDAQ: [[ESLT]]) is an international defense contractor headquartered in Haifa, Israel, whose lines of business include aerospace, land and naval systems along with command, control, communication and intelligence systems. The company, who was spun off from its parent company in 1996, has found ways to ingrain itself in every aspect of the defense industry both in Israel and abroad, winning the Israeli Defense Prize ten times, a prize awarded for extraordinary contributions to defense technological innovations. The company, despite being headquartered in Israel, receives only approximately 25% of its revenues from its home… Read More …