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McDonald's Workers Claim Unsafe Conditions

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) workers complained recently about unsafe work conditions leading to injury, according to CNNMoney. Almost 30 workers from across the United States filed complaints over the past two weeks.

Some of the employees claim they were burned either on hot cook oil or on a grill, CNNMoney reported. One specific employee, Brittany Berry, works at a Chicago location and fell on a wet surface, burning her hand on the grill as she fell. She missed two weeks of work and was not compensated.

"The managers told me to put mustard on my arm, that's it. But I ended up having to get rushed to the hospital," Berry said, according to CNNMoney.

The lobby group “Fight for $15” launched a petition recently, according to CNNMoney, in order to benefit the victims. They’re calling for the US Department of Labor to investigate McDonald’s working conditions. 

CNNMoney commenter Money User said:

Oh, please! I worked at a fast food chicken restaurant in high school. Yes - we got the occasional grease splatter, but anyone with an ounce of common sense knows how to maneuver in a kitchen to avoid injury. This is clearly a union-advised ploy to bully McDonald's into paying higher wages. Though, if they end up paying out worker's comp claims, that is even less likely. Should I sue the maker of my stove because I was careless and touched a hot spot or dropped a hot pan on my foot (never happened, by the way)? No.