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Of course American Apparel brought in a female CEO to clean up Dov Charney’s mess

Originally posted on Quartz:

The legal sparring between American Apparel and its ousted, estranged founder, Dov Charney, is impressive. This month alone, American Apparel has gotten a restraining order against Charney; Charney has filed suits against the company alleging defamation, securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, conspiracy, emotional distress, and more. American Apparel responded by filing documents alleging that Charney called employees “Filipino pigs,” mimed holding a gun to an employee’s head, and stored sex footage of himself with models and employees on company equipment. (Charney’s attorneys denied the claims.)

That last action from American Apparel was part of what’s known as an anti-SLAPP motion, appropriately evoking imagery of schoolyard tussles.

While lawyers for both sides battle, the company’s new CEO, Paula Schneider, is tackling the considerable tasks of streamlining the company’s finances and corporate governance, reviving sales, and rebuilding its suffering brand image.

It’s a sizable pile to step in, so to speak, and researchers—and Schneider herself—says female CEOs are more likely to…

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