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GBP/USD - 2009 Highs are Critical Levels (2/17/2014)

GBP/USD is bullish but is coming near the 2009 highs. A break above can open things up.
Bull run:
The daily chart of GBP/USD shows a bullish run since July 2013. There were 2 periods of consolidation during October 2013, then again in December 2013 to January 2014. The first 2 weeks of February has developed into a bullish breakout swing.

(click to enlarge: GBP/USD daily chart. Uptrend since mid-2013.)
The weekly chart shows a key level ahead. The pair has broken above a triangle, but the 2009 high still contains a general range of consolidation. As GBP/USD advance, it will be facing the critical 2009 highs. 

(Click to enlarge: Weekly chart. GBP/USD Approaching 2009 highs.)

Resistance, buy on a dip?
With the 2009 high ahead and daily stochastic levels reflecting an overbought condition, we can expect some short term throwback. However, for me, it will take a break below 1.62 to convince me the bullish trend has ended. 
With the bullish trend still in place, I am considering buying on a dip despite the presence of the 2009 high. In fact, seeing some resistance here will give me more confidence because if the resistance is strong and breaks, it can open up the way for a strong bullish push.
Long-term consolidation break?
How do you approach the GBP/USD? How do you resolve its current bullish mode against a 2009 high that represents consolidation since 2009. Would a break above 1.7050 reflect a completed consolidation/accumulation and suggest a period of bullish trend/participation?