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List Of Dividend Aristocrats In 2015

List Of Dividend Aristocrats In 2015 by Sure Dividend

The Dividend Aristocrats Index is comprised of 52 stocks that have paid dividends for 25+ consecutive years.

In addition to the exclusive dividend history requirement, Dividend Aristocrats must also be members of the S&P 500 Index and meet certain size and liquidity requirements.

What’s the big deal about being a Dividend Aristocrat?

The Dividend Aristocrats Index has outperformed the market by a wide margin over the last decade, as the image below shows.

Source: S&P Dividend Aristocrats Fact Sheet

List of All 52 Dividend Aristocrats

The spreadsheet below lists all 52 Dividend Aristocrats as of July 2015.

The list can be sorted by:

  • Dividend Yield
  • Standard Deviation
  • Growth Rate
  • Payout Ratio
  • And more…

Click Here To Download The Dividend Aristocrats Spreadsheet

Explanation of Financial Metrics

The four financial metrics included in the spreadsheets are the same metrics used for the buy rules in The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing.

A brief explanation of each metric is...