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The Toasteroid Will Let You Print Emojis & More onto Your Bread

A couple of tech-savvy inventors are claiming to have created the world’s first app-controlled toaster: the Toasteroid. This die-cast aluminum device is characterized as a “high density micro-filament heating system” and allows users to print images like their favorite emoji or even a rare Pokémon that will go on their toast via the taster’s iOS/Android app. First, you create the image on the app, upload it directly to the toaster and then it prints the image onto your bread using precise browning control. Its most notable feature? Optional synchronization to a weather service that will let you print out the forecast onto your bread.

The Toasteroid is currently on Kickstarter with prices starting at $79 USD for the two-slice model while a single-slice version goes for $65 USD.