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The Battle For Yemen Rages On: Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia and its partners [primarily Sunni oriented nations] are seeking to take out the Houthi rebels [backed by Iran] in Yemen through an aggressive air strike campaign so Saudi Arabia can install Hadi [who is pro-Saudi Arabia] back to power. This is a classic example of the Sunni - Shi'ite [or Shi'a] regional power struggle in the Middle East, with Iran [Shi'ite or Shi'a] leading the charge on one side and Saudi Arabia [Sunni] leading the charge on the other side.  Click here to learn more about what's going on in Yemen and to learn part of the reason why the conflict started in this first place. Keep in mind Bloomberg is most likely going to show the Western opinion on what is going on in Yemen, which doesn't necessary paint the whole picture due to inherent cultural biases, but the article is still worth taking a look at.