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Dear SEC, I saw something, I said something, but seeing as how you fined our shareholders instead of the executives who actually broke the law, you can keep the $8M reward. “I will not join the looting of the very people I was hired to protect”

Deutsche Bank Whistle-Blower Spurns $8 Million SEC Reward. A former Deutsche Bank AG risk officer said he was refusing an $8.25 million reward from the Securities and Exchange Commission for blowing the whistle on the lender overvaluing a derivatives portfolio, because of his concern that the SEC didn’t go after senior executives.

The $55 million fine that Deutsche Bank paid in a settlement announced by the SEC in May last year had penalized shareholders, while top executives retired with their multi-million dollar bonuses intact, Eric Ben-Artzi wrote in a Financial Times column published Friday.

“At the height of the financial crisis, Deutsche Bank’s financial statements did not reflect the significant risk in these large, complex illiquid positions,” Ceresney said when the penalty was announced. “Deutsche Bank failed to make reasonable judgments when valuing its positions and lacked robust internal controls over financial reporting.”

I read that he refused the money and that his greedy ex-wife tried to claim some of that reward money.

You think the board is made up of members chosen by the millions of single stock holders, or the few who have ~50% of the total stock, AND  a connection to the board members being elected AND the executives of the company? Even better, board member votes are non-binding by shareholders. You could have an 85% disagree, and they’ll still get appointed.