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Pericom Semiconductor: Form, Schedule Or Registration Statement No Filing Party: Date Filed:

The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation sent the following email to its employees on November 13, 2015:

Hi all,

If you own PSEM shares then you should have received a big packet from the U.S. Postal Service (8

x 11 envelope) at your home address (check your Etrade account for the address). This packet is NOT junk mail. We are sending this reminder because some employees mentioned they thought it was junk mail or that their Etrade account has an old address!

Please VOTE because EVERY vote is important (you have one vote for each share you own). To quote from the letter in the voting packe t: If you do NOT voteit will have the same effect as voting AGAINST the merger agreement and the merger (with Diodes). You must use the voting card inside the packet whether you vote online or by mail (using the pre-paid envelope with the mailing address in the packet). If by mail, send it as soon as possible. If voting online, the cutoff is 8:59 pm Pacific (11:59 pm Eastern) the day before the meeting date on 11/20/15.

If you did not get the packet, Bob Strickland (in Finance, next to the HR offices) has all the materials related to this vote available in hard copies. And/or you may want to read the public announcement (shorter summary) in this...