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The euro is deteriorating with speculation the European Central buy assets...

The deterioration of the euro exchange rate Friday to below $ 1.15 threshold for the first time since November 2003 because of the possibility of the European Central Bank purchases the assets of next week.

At about 15:45 GMT, the euro exchange rate declined to $ 1.1460, ie, the lowest level since November 11, 2003, stable below $ 1.15 for the first time since that date.

He received the deterioration of the euro exchange rate in the context of "the exchange of high volumes," also drew David Rodriguez, analyst at Daily FX.

And accelerated the decline of the euro against the dollar Friday as speculation intensified about the European Central Bank to buy assets, including sovereign debt at the end of the next meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee is expected Thursday.

And purchases of assets that aims to stimulate economic activity, but since it is close to inject liquidity into the financial system operations, it may have a side effect of weakening the value of the euro.