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Serious Question: What the Heck is Wrong with Democrats?

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Are they retarded? Here is a group of George Soros funded protestors, celebrating the republican failure to repeal Obamacare, with scatter brained dancing and high fives. These people are literally celebrating a program that is designed to bankrupt them.

I do not pretend to have anything in common with GOP-shills, but these people are ridiculous. Obamacare has been an unmitigated catastrophe, by all definitions. But healthcare, as you know, has been a disaster for decades and will continue to plague the middle class until they cease to exist. We all know what the end game is here: single payer options, mandated healthcare for all citizens -- just like social security.

The government will tax each paycheck and provide them with shitty healthcare. They will borrow from the healthcare fund, just like they did with social security, in order to continue their ruinous Ponzi-scheme like economic policies.

I want you to put all of your political biases aside and recognize the incontrovertible facts that our lawmakers have ruined the US economy. Sure, the stock market is doing great and rich people are richer than ever. Aspirational thinking provides the less off with hope, suppressing their anger, succored by a culture bereft of personal dignity, reliant upon wanton degeneracy and perfidious swindling to further an agenda that will eventually collapse all of western finance.