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A WhoTrades Product Feature Interview With Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics for iPad (IMAGE:

This week marks the release date of a new product from the line of financial research tools for individual and professional/institutional investors from Chaikin Analytics.

Known within the industry for their stock research suite of applications, Chaikin Analytics for Individuals, as well as the full Power Tools Suite for professional investors, this company is this set to launch a brand new product to service the market that lies somewhat between the two pre-existing product levels-- it takes Chaikin Analytics for Individuals, and makes it somewhat more granular and in depth. 

WhoTrades had a little to and fro with the guys at Chaikin to learn a little more about the product launch this week. 

That Q&A follows:

1) I know you're set to introduce a new product in the coming month. Why don't you tell our readers a bit about it:

Our new product Power Suite Plus is an enhanced version of our entry level product. With the product you will have the ability to create a list of up to 100 stocks. With the list you can see any signals that have come out recently on any stocks, run a Power Gauge Report which is our version of an individual research report and run a Portfolio Health Check which analyzes any list that you have populated. You will also be able to run a report on the S&P 500 as well as get copies of our Morning Insights email from our analyst as well as Marc Chaikin's weekly commentary Market Insights. This product will be available February 5th 2015.

2) What kind of a user is this product designed to service--as opposed to the more granular tool already on the market?

This product is geared towards the individual investor or adviser that wants to get a feel of our product and the methodology we use most notably the Chaikin Power gauge.

3) What would you say distinguishes this tool from competing products on the market?

This tool is unlike any tool out there because of the multiple features we have including our reports and the ability to interact with an analyst.

4) Is this going to be offered for corporate license packages like your original power tool, or is this strictly for individuals? What are the pricing setups and offers for users looking to test it out?

This product can be offered to multiple corporate licenses at a discount. The price of the product is $49.95/month or $500/year. There are no free trials as with our full analytics package but we do offer many informational webinars and are always available to answer questions

5) Anything else in development? Future endeavors/products/add-ons?--why don't you tell the end user how to reach out and get in touch with you guys.

We always have new features and items in development and we will alert our users as they arise.

You can contact me at or 609-217-0058. You can also call our office at 877-697-6783 and mention my name Marc Eisen. 

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