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Will Consumers Actually Watch TV on Snapchat?

After setting an all-time low yesterday, shares of Snap (NYSE: SNAP) bounced back a little today on news that it is partnering with Comcast 's (NASDAQ: CMCSA) NBC News to broadcast a daily news show called Stay Tuned , which will air twice a day. The format will be short-form videos that are only three to four minutes long, which plays to Snapchat's strengths in short-form content. Each episode will have two 10-second ads.

Comcast participated directly in Snap's IPO in March, investing $500 million in the social media company. The show is NBC Universal's latest effort to cater to younger demographics on their preferred turf: mobile devices.

Image source: Snap.

Show me the money

NBC and Snap will reportedly split ad revenue, while NBC will cover production costs and has recruited a production team of 30 full-time employees, according to Recode . NBC will also handle ad sales. Advertisers are already expressing interest in the new show, a critical aspect of actually monetizing it, since the content will be free for users.

Investors similarly cheered last month when Time Warner Inc. announced that it would invest $100 million into original TV content on Snapchat. Snap has also...