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Our Closing Thoughts On Lumber Liquidators

This article should act as an update to our previous article about the Lumber Liquidators (NYSE:LL) story. This will probably be the last article on LL that we'll publish. We've taken a good look at the situation the company is in now and as an investment we haven't been able to identify a sure fire position to take. We do think, however, that we've been able to identify 2 of the keys that are going to determine where the stock moves from this point forward. In the interest of those that are following the story, we thought we would share these points before throwing in the LL towel.

Our first article talked about why we thought the company was overvalued at $40 and had potential to go to $0. We still believe the potential to go to zero is very real. At $30, we are awaiting more information before we take a position in either direction. Read more