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Ford: Can A Lincoln Rebirth Throw Sales Into Overdrive?

We just wrote about Ford (NYSE:F) yesterday and we don't want to rehash the points we made in that article. We stated that we were confident in the company's ability to grow overseas and that we'll gladly collect Ford's dividend while waiting. You can read that piece here.

Today, we wanted to issue a brief note talking about what the company is trying to do with the Lincoln Continental, which we think is a brilliant move and one that will continue to push the company forward.

We know that for right now, the company is pushing its F-150 and Mustang as its two "flagship" vehicles. Part of Ford's growth comes from sales of these vehicles domestically but much of the future growth is from expansion into places like South Africa, India and China. Queued up for after that, the company is reloading its Lincoln line to supplement its two new vehicles and also to open up exposure to overseas buyers that may be interested in the company's luxury offering. Read more