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Caught On Tape: Mushroom Cloud Forms After Massive Explosion Rocks Chinese Port City

It appears that carry trades are not the only thing blowing up in China. A massive explosion, fireball, and mushroom cloud can be seen at chemical storage facility in the Chinese port town of Tianjin...


A huge and horrible

happened in from a dangerous good storage.

— susu sure (@SuSuSure)

???? BREAKING: Large explosion in

, , cause unclear.

— News2Share (@news_2_share)



: Massive explosion rocks N China's , cause & casualties unclear yet (web sources)

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews)

: Explosion happened in E China's Tianjin City Wed. Huge mushroom cloud seen. Quake felt 10 km away.

— People's Daily,China (@PDChina)



: BREAKING VIDEO: Of the Tianjin China explosion (via )

— Erik de Vlieger (@EWdeVlieger)