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Design – the differentiator

Design has become one of the more important aspect of application design. A good design is not only eye candy but also serves a very important function that determines how useful the application ends up being for the customer. The choices that a designer makes such as the color of the buttons, the font for page headings - all of these have a direct impact on the user experience.

There are many factors that should drive a designers decisions: - The user demographic - is the web or mobile application expected to be used more by male/ females, what age group and what are the general color preferences in that demographic - The use case - is the web or mobile application to be used in leisure or in a busy metro station - The features - how much does a page need to fit to make it intuitive. More so in mobile, the limited real-estate makes this a very important decision. More often than not, the design of a web or mobile application determines how well the application is received and used. Design should be an integral part of development and not a separate department.