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Sherwin-Williams Launches Breakthrough System to Simplify Color Selection (Fact Sheet)

ColorSnap® integrates online and offline tools, and includes new in-store display

ColorSnap® is an integrated system of colors and tools that delivers the ultimate color-selection experience for consumers and professionals. The all-new system includes a redesigned in-store color display (ColorSnap® Studio); a refreshed and integrated online set of tools (ColorSnap® Visualizer); and an expanded suite of tools for professionals (ColorSnap® Design Pro Suite) along with nearly 200 new colors.

Whether in their neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store, at home or on the go, ColorSnap provides a fun and easy solution to explore color any way the customer chooses.

In-store testing showed that, on average, the new ColorSnap Studio reduces the time it takes to select paint colors by 60 percent when compared to the previous display.

  • It features individual 2-by-3 inch take-home color chips, rather than strips; the larger, single-color chip makes it easier to find and sample colors.
  • Colors are organized by color family, such as blue or red, to make selection more intuitive and faster.
  • As part of the new display, a central work area will be added for customers to arrange and review their color choices, explore...