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Our SHORTS Continue to Profitably Slide

Another day of broad-based selling yesterday.

Dow futures were lower earlier, yet are now positive by +83 points.

I ran my morning screens looking for stocks for our watch list.

I noticed an obvious theme – many stocks sold off yesterday with an increase in volume.

It was quite a washout of a day.

Major averages are now down to near some previous lows.

We’ve done decent with our select list of SHORTS.

However, I would be cautious at this point of entering any new SHORT positions.

The market is very oversold.

As far as longs, I had to cut EVHC yesterday, down -11%.

This is the second largest loss I have taken since starting this service at the beginning of the year. First is -12%. The next largest loss after EVHC is -8%. The majority of the single trade losses (5) are less than -2%.

We now have only one (LONG) holding.

That is… JCOM as it remains in an uptrend.

I will monitor our remaining positions, (both LONG and SHORT) of course.

We may get a rally from here within the next few days, but the broader outlook is bearish.

I will see if a counter-trend rally from the lows plays out.

If so, I may have some nimble trades for those who are interested.

Let me know.

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