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Dividend Growth Stock Overview: Roper Industries

About Roper Industries

Roper Industries (ROP) is a diversified technology company that manufactures and markets products in a variety of -- in their words -- "niche markets." Roper has its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida and at the end of 2013 employed nearly 10,000 people, including 7,000 within the United States.

Roper's strategy is to use high operating margins and the free cash flow from its existing businesses to acquire companies that will produce additional cash flow. The company considers its management tools and governance processes as key to improving the operational execution of its businesses. In addition to acquiring businesses that produce large free cash flow, Roper seeks to improve operating margins by incorporating its governance processes into the business practices of the acquired company.

Roper has four distinct business segments covering a variety of markets:

  • Industrial Technology: This segment produces fluid handling pumps, leak testing equipment, flow measurement and