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Kentucky voter who relies on the state’s Kynect insurance system now wonders if it was a good idea to vote for the far-right candidate who campaigned and won on dismantling it

Watch this sociopath run Kentucky into the ground. Then he’ll run for President after this. And win. You should have voted for Drew Curtis.

You voted against your own best interests, and now you’re upset about it. You’re an idiot, Dennis.

Remember that guy who had a GoFundMe to pay for his ‘beetus surgery or something because he refused to sign up for MUSLIMBAMACARE but now it turns out he needs insurance?

“i say, let ‘em crash.”

The funny thing is, even though bevin will kick hundreds of thousands of poor kentuckians to the curb, they’ll still vote to reelect him because guns, god and gays. fark them. they deserve what they get. the same goes for kansas.

Bevin: “If elected, I will force every person making less than $20,000 per year to march to the end of a cliff, and jump feet-first into the slowest tree chipper on the planet, ensuring they will die a slow, horrible death over the course of days”

Poor voter: “Wooo, he’s a real political outsider that’s truly looking out for my best interests.  I’m in!!”

If only there were a candidate that was running in that election that wasn’t a career politician who wanted to keep and improve health benefits in the state. Two party systems suck. Dummies.

So it’s come to this: the best hope for our political system is that our elected officials are lying scumbags.

I would rather vote for Apple or Facebook to become President/Governor. Politics is so important and the only thing that could fix it, create proper voting is technology. Apple or Facebook should get into politics asap. Otherwise it’s all f*cked. Or are they are already in it? What’s happening.