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Here are how to show you Raspberry Pi on the television

Long long ago,the comeputers have no monitors to display systems and applications.So for lots of people,they prefer to using their televisions rather than paying for a extra monitor.

In recent years,however,this phonomenon has not changed so much,because the PC model of a dedicated monitor was eventually widely adopted with the development of technology.You know,we can use the mq131 arduino to probe the atmospheric environment today.So nothing is impossible.

Generally speaking,connecting to different kinds display is not a easy project.The Raspberry Pi developers must think about how their users might use the computer.Fortunately,the Raspberry Pi(even though most of them have Raspberry Pi touchscreen) supports three methods of visual output, enough to cover pretty much any domestic display unit.Here I want to teach three ways to connect you Raspberry Pi to televisions.

The first way is to use the HDMI

Equipped with a HDMI connector is the most important thing about the Raspberry Pi.That means anyone can connect the device to their living room television with an inexpensive cable.
However,it's a pity that not all televisions and monitors have HDMI connectors.So if this way doesn't work,we also have plan B:

It's a very smart choice to use a HDMI To VGA Adaptor if your display doesn't have a VGA connector.If your monitor is VGA-compatible, then all you will need is a HDMI to VGA adaptor in order to use your Raspberry Pi with that device or cable type.

If the two ways above can not solve your problem,we have the last,but not least one.The answer is RCA connector.You can connect your Raspberry Pi to any compatible TV or monitor with a standard RCA cable.