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The Vard 1 - 08 Kilkea Superyacht That Knows No Bounds

Merging luxury aesthetic with extreme performance, Shackleton Superyachts & International Shipbuilders Vard have teamed up with the stylists at Bannenberg & Rowell Design to deliver the Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea superyacht. Unlike most yachts which are typically designed for fairly comfortable waters like those of the Caribbean and Mediterranean, this yacht is designed to take you through the harshest conditions in every corner of the sea.

Though it’s superior performance and safety appeals to serious adventure seekers, the Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea is also designed for luxury holidaymakers. The yacht can accommodate up to 36 guests comfortably, have multiple swimming pools, and comes equipped with a helipad hangar. The vessel can also travel for 30 days without replenishing supplies, as it was conceived with a serious consideration for fuel economy and the environment. The current asking price for this luxury yacht is $62,000,000 US.