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25 Banks Said To Fail European Stress Test, 10 In Talks On Capital Shortfall

With the results of Europe's annual AQR, aka Stress Test, due out on Sunday, most had been expecting that despite some rhetoric that various brand name banks may fail, that it would be largely more of the usual: puff. That, however, may not be the case, and as Bloomberg just reported, a whopping 25 banks are set to fail the stress test, compared to 105 which are set to pass. As Bloomberg notes:

  • 105 banks passed the test, draft document shows
  • Number of banks that would have shortfall even after capital-raising to Sept. 30, 2014, is the subject of ongoing talks, a person with knowledge of the matter says
  • Negotations continue with about 10 banks shown to have net shortfall after 2014 capital measures, the person says
  • An ECB spokesman says the central bank can’t comment on speculation about the outcome of the comprehensive assessment. Any inferences drawn as to the final outcome of the exercise would be highly speculative until the results are final on Oct. 26, spokesman says

Note: the outcome is fluid and somehow still pending negotiation, some 48 hours before the announcement. How that makes the test any more credible is beyond our meager comprehension skills. More importantly, as we noted earlier, stress test failures means more ECB bailouts. Which is, of course, bullish.

Then again, some bad news for the panic-buying vacuum tubes - contrary to some expectations, notably the Fed's, Deutsche Bank will not get a multi-trillions bailout and in the process make George Soros a trillionaire: from Reuters:

  • Deutsche Bank Set To Achieve 8.8 Percent Core Tier One Capital Ratio In Ecb's Adverse Stress Test Scenario - Sources
  • Deutsche Bank Set To Achieve 12.6 Percent Core Tier One Capital Ratio In Ecb's Baseline Stress Test Scenario - Sources
  • Deutsche Bank Declines To Comment

But apparently has no problem leaking.