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Which is More Important to Financial Success? Positive Attitude or Hardwork?

The answer is both, but if given the choice of one or the other I would say positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is everything. It is the precursor to success.

Without a positive attitude, you wouldn’t be able to work hard. You’ll be miserable and burnt out, like running a marathon without enough food.

Can you still get results through hard work without having a positive attitude? Sure. But you will be miserable. You might even be able to work hard for years and get some results, but you will never be fulfilled You’ll become bitter and jaded. What is the point of working hard then?

You might recall the story about the businessman who became a university professor after "retiring". Here is what he had to say about retirement. Which brings us to the point: It’s all about the journey.

What about the person with a positive attitude but who doesn’t work hard? He probably won’t be getting the results he is going for, but at least he is happy and is looking forward to the next day

What does it mean for you? It’s a reminder that it’s all about the journey in your financial pursuits. If you are not enjoying the process, the end result will never be as fulfilling as you have imagined.

Furthermore, if you are not enjoying the process, that probably means you are not devoting 100% of your attention span to it which will decrease your chances of achieving your end result in the first place. In other words, if you are not hungry enough, somebody else will come along and eat your lunch for you.

Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process. Stay positive. IF you do, you will become more successful in the long run.