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3 Numbers on Why AMD's a Double
7 may 2016


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) just out-slugged Intel's high-end i7 processor. The A10-7890K is an APU dubbed 'Godavari'. It costs just USD $137. It outperformed Intel's i7 in some cases, and its GPU chipset will win budget enthusiasts.

AMD outpacing Intel on a 28nm process, compared to 14nm with Intel and at price premiums, is a triumph.  This is AMD's round to lose. It must increase advertising, have many specials on Amazon or Newegg. It's time to dethrone Intel's overly priced i3.

AMD is a double.  AMD does not need Microsoft's help with the free Windows 10 upgrade cycle. Zen is coming, which will solidify the uptrend in the stock. Agree or disagree?

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3 Numbers on Why AMD's a Double

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