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“I hate America… I hate Americans…” she said.

If you haven’t heard about the Ariana Grande ‘Doughnut Licking’ scandal by today, then you may actually be getting in on the best part. It all started last week when she was seen on a video posted of her licking a doughnut while “no one was looking” then stating, “I hate America. I hate Americans.”.

The daughter of Edward Butera and Joan Grande had a start in New York at a young age by performing in the Broadway musical 13 and singing at times that city’s infamous jazz club, Birdland. She then moved on to Nickelodeon to act in children’s shows and movies. This has led to her original goal of becoming a pop singer.

With that said, it can be assumed that she was one of those that had quite a few lucky breaks to get her to where she was last week – a young and somewhat accomplished singer licking frosting off of doughnuts and saying that she hates America and Americans.

When the video “leaked out” a maelstrom of comments (of all flavors but mostly negative) began to rain down upon her. She responded with a bit of a rant regarding that she was really commenting on the obesity problem in the U.S. (which I agree, there is a problem) and then stating, “Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly that you had no idea was taken is such a rude awakening.”

Of course family and friends came to her side stating that she was being judged “harshly” as family and friends do as they are supposed to do (think of the two Bills – Clinton and Cosby). But to me the crowning blow would have come when Justin Beiber came to her defense and gave her a phone call to “help her” get through this trying time. I would have been certain that I had majorly ‘fouled ‘ up when I saw his name on my caller i.d.

I’m not one to kick anyone who is down and I am not defending her choice of words or actions. At 22 years of age and with such a great career record she should be considered as an adult (unless she is in Obama-care where she won’t considered and adult be for a few more years) and should be able weather this storm.

The problem that I have is that once again, a person who has chosen to be a public figure has been caught in public exercising her first amendment rights and seemed to forget that she was a public figure. Did she really ‘foul’ up? I’m not sure. If this is the way she really feels, can she not say it in public? She sure can! Is it wise to do so? Probably not if you are trying to make money as a public figure in this country (and this weekend the Pope has a bit to say about thatas well).

Recently we’ve seen what happens to public figures that express their thoughts either properly or poorly worded. Rush Limbaugh is losing radio venues because of his observations. Donald Trump completely alienated an entire segment of the country by making a blanket statement that may have been a poorly worded comment. Unless that was exactly what he meant to say and if it was then must he must have understood the ramifications and fallout that was to come.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but one that we all need to use wisely. To be able to express how you feel in words, songs, paintings or even on a flag is yours to embrace without fear from a tyrannical government (but remember we the people are the government). When using this freedom we have to remember to express exactly how we mean it, as we mean it and in a way that cannot be misunderstood –especially when we are in the public life.

And just as a reminder: if you use e-mail, Twitter, You-Tube, FaceBook. Pintrest, blog in any way, hang anything on any bulletin board or post anything to any wall, you are now a public figure. I’m not saying to be scared. Just be accurate.