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Lowest Dealer Award On Record In Blistering 5Y Auction

The poor 2Y Auction that concluded just 90 minuets ago is a distant memory, because while the market, and especially Indirect bidders, appeared to balk sale of $26 billion in 2 Year paper, there appeared to be no concerns involving the just concluded sale of $34 billion in 5Y new paper, buyside demand for which could be described as "blistering."

The high yield of 1.742% stopped through the 1.75% When Issued by 0.8bps, with an 18.98% allocation at the high yield. It was the lowest 5Y yield going back to October of last year.

The internals were even more impressive: while the Bid to Cover was unchanged from last month at 2.58, and above the 6 month average of 2.43, the Indirect takedown was just shy of a record at 69.1% (vs 64.7% for the past 6 auction average), and only the jump in the Direct Bid award from 6.2% in July to 13.5%, the highest since July 2014, prevented Indirects from getting an all time high allotment. At the same time, the Dealer award dropped from an already low 24.1% in July to just 17.5%, the lowest in 5Y auction history.

In summary: an odd day in which in the span of 90 minutes we saw one poor and one stellar auction, for reasons that are not exactly clear.