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Glitches Telsa must solve in the Future

According to CNBC auto industry journalist Phil LeBeau, Tesla Motors Inc(NASDAQ:TSLA)’s impressive run could come to a halt as a result three important factors; production glitches, battery cell supply, and an early departure from Musk. How Telsa addresses these issues in the future is critical for its long term viability. The increased positive coverage of the Model S vehicle in the media is increasing public demand for the vehicle.

With production rates ramping up next year, the possibility of supply disruption will exponentially rise as a result of other companies introducing electric cars in the market and Telsa’s small circle of suppliers. Lithium-ion, which is used to operate the cars battery, is not an unlimited source. Eventually Telsa must find another source for battery power. Musk is the face of innovation right now. Without him at the helm, its like Apple without Jobs; questions will constantly surface about innovation.