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Can Volvo's new factory will boost its U.S. Automobile sales ?

Volvo is going to established it's first car plant in the U.S. Company also hoping that this will boost it's U.S Automobile sales.

The Chinese-owned car maker said Monday it would invest $500 million to build the plant.

Volvo (NASDAQ:VOLVY) sold nearly half a million cars in 100 countries last year, up 8.9% compared to 2013. That growth was driven by strong sales in China and Europe but as we talk about U.S sales company definitively wants to improve that.  U.S sales fell 8% last year to 56,000.  .

The new plant is part of a U.S. revival plan the company announced in February. Volvo said it wants to sell more that 100,000 cars a year in the U.S.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said  

"Volvo Cars cannot claim to be a true global car maker without an industrial presence in the U.S. " 

Comments on CNN by the readers :

"scam..deport them"

" They cannot be more efficient than German Motors "