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Russian Military Helicopter Crashes During Air Show Celebrating Airborne Forces Day, One Pilot Dead

August 2 is the day when Russia celebrates its Airborne Forces, only this year something went very wrong, and it was all caught on tape.

As Reuters report, one pilot died and another was injured when a helicopter crashed at an airshow in the Russian region of Ryazan on Sunday. During aerobatics at the event some 200 km (124 miles) south-east of Moscow, an Mi-28 helicopter went into a flat spin before crashing.

RT adds that while performing a stunt at the Aviamix air show on Sunday, a helicopter belonging to the Berkuty (Golden Eagles) aerobatic team suddenly banked on one side and started to lose height.

The moment the helicopter lost control and crashed was caught on video:


Russia's Air Force Commander-in-Chief Viktor Bondarev has ordered the grounding of all Mi-28 assault helicopters following the catastrophe in central Russia, the Defense Minister reported.

“The crew fought to save the helicopter to the end. Unfortunately, the chief pilot died on impact - the co-pilot survived. According to the second pilot, the accident occurred due to technical failure. I have suspended all Mi-28 flights. The commission under my leadership is working to clarify the causes of the disaster,” Bondarev said.

As of this moment, there has been no hint of industrial sabotage either through Stuxnet or Windows 10.