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Tomorrow’s Stocks Soaring To the Moon – Wednesday, August 3

  • 1.Automakers bracing for slowing growth but reliant on rebates and incentives: GM, Fiat (FCAU), Ford (F).

  • 2.Wait for oil’s drop to play out – DWTI, OIL, OIH, UWTI.
  • 3.Watch Fitbit’s (FIT) bounce
  • 4.Enjoy Etsy’s (ETSY) jump as predicted yesterday.

  • 5.Watch gold. Japan’s money pumping is #20 since 1990. It is still not working. Money does not hold its value so consider gold ABX, NEM, KGC.
  • 6.Brace for possible S&P 500 continuing even bigger drops. VXX.
  • 7.Wow. Sodastream (SODA) results.
  • 8.AIG (AIG) share buyback. Bullish.
  • 9.Post your move below