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Dennis "Every Futures Broker's Best Friend" Gartman Does It Again (Again)

While we haven't heard the term "churn 'em and burn 'em" for a while, we can only assume that world-renowned newsletter-writer Dennis Gartman is long futures brokers (in commission terms) as in the space of just 3 trading days he has flip-flopped (once again) from "the most bullish I've been" to "you have to fade the oil market here" with WTI trading at almost the exact same price level. If you listen carefully, even CNBC's Melissa Lee is starting to get the joke...

October 7th 1226ET... "This Is The Most Bullish I've Been On Crude"


October 12th 1700ET... "Fade The Crude Oil Market"


Or in more visual terms...


A glimpse at the following images is all one needs to know...


Chart: Bloomberg