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New Oracle Research Reveals that Businesses are Unaware of Competitive Advantages of Cloud Agility

Today, Oracle announced the results of its "Oracle Cloud Agility" study and revealed that businesses worldwide overestimate their agility. While a majority of businesses believe they are agile, Oracle's research highlights that many organizations cannot flexibly manage workloads or rapidly develop, test, and launch new applications, leaving them poorly prepared to deal with competitive threats. The study also found a lack of awareness among businesses around how technology, like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), can be used to help address these challenges.

The Oracle Cloud Agility study surveyed 2,263 employees working for large global enterprises to understand business agility in the age of cloud. The results show that 64 percent consider their organization to be agile (i.e., able to adjust quickly to new business opportunities or to iterate new products and services quickly).

Respondents are clear about the benefits of agility, with 81 percent stating that the ability to rapidly develop, test, and launch new business applications is either critically important or important to the success of their business. In particular, nearly one-third of respondents (29...