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7 Quotes That Show How Much Chipotle Hates McDonald's

The beef is real. In an extensive oral history of Chipotle featuring lengthy interviews with multiple executives, Bloomberg shows us just how much the Mexican food chain looks down on McDonald’s.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Today, Bloomberg took a deep dive to compile an oral history of Chipotle, the beloved burrito chain that reigns supreme in the fast casual dining industry.

Many see Chipotle and the companies following in its footsteps as big threats to McDonald's. But what is less well known is that for a number of years, McDonald's was a partner and major investor in Chipotle. The two have long since split up, and it seems the Mexican food chain isn't particularly nostalgic for the old days.

Through extensive interviews with multiple company executives and industry experts, Bloomberg build up a picture of how Chipotle corporate feels about its one-time early investor turned quasi-competitor. It's not pretty.

—Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle's chief marketing officer

—Joe Stupp, head of social media marketing at Chipotle.

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