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Target 3rd Quarter Earnings This Wednesday, November 18th

Target Corp. (TGT), an analyst favorite in the retail sector is set to report their third quarter results this Wednesday, November 18th. The analysts consensus estimates are aiming for $17.57 billion in revenue with.86 cents in earnings per share. 

Target saw a vicious loss in the 4th quarter of 2014 on the back of it's data breach of credit card information, but since then has been posting positive quarterly results in 2015. The company has been advertising pretty aggressively for Christmas, a sign that there was money to spend, but unfortunately also a sign that the business is competitive. 

The dividend yield is 3.03% right now, making Walmart (WMT) a slightly more attractive purchase for the dividends, but earnings growth might make up for it. 

The stock closed down $3.04 on Friday at $71.89.