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Greenbrier Has A Bright Future Ahead

Greenbrier's (GBX) share value has gone up by 13% since I issued it a buy rating in December. The company is a manufacturer of railroad freight-car equipment in North America & Europe, marine barges in North America and provides wheel services, railcar refurbishment and parts to the market. While some may have been worried about the negative impact oil prices will bring to the company's performance, it should be remembered that Greenbrier still remains a top contender in the market.

In this article, I will evaluate the company's financial strength by reviewing its performance in the latest quarter. Later, I will discuss factors to support to my quantified upside of the company.

First Quarter

Greenbrier reported its first-quarter result last month. The company's revenue declined on a reported basis by 20% to $495 million. The sequential decrease didn't come due to falling demand or negative macro environment, but primarily due… Read More …