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The Government's "Revolving"-est Doors

Former employees of federal agencies can often find good (and lucrative) jobs as lobbyists, capitalizing on the connections that they forged while in public service. As OpenSecrets exposes, the numbers of revolving-door-enthusiasts is reminiscent of the Ebola epidemic as this deadly-to-democracy disease spreads from department to department ripping away 'hope and change' wherever it appears. "Revolvers" include those as powerful - and well connected - as secretaries of state and as far from Washington as Peace Corps volunteers... but The Department of Commerce tops the list...


The agencies shown here have employed the greatest number of former lobbyists - or sent the greatest number of former employees to lobbying firms and interest groups.


Agency Number of revolving door people profiled
Dept of Commerce 1736
Dept of Defense 1688
Dept of State 1452
Dept of Health & Human Services 1225
White House 1216
Dept of Agriculture 1112
Dept of Army 1080
US House of Representatives 876
Dept of Justice 864
Dept of Energy 840
Dept of Transportation 750
Dept of Interior 700
Dept of Labor 555
Dept of Housing & Urban Development 530
Dept of Homeland Security 520
Dept of the Treasury 444
Dept of Navy 428
Dept of Education 412
Dept of Air Force 312
US Senate 256


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