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Be aware that using the battery normally

What my battery is made, why does it dump as quickly and what can I do about it?Bluewin reveals tips and tricks.

The most frustrating with smartphones, no matter how advanced, is their autonomy.People whose days are long familiar fear of the little red bar.But why does this problem persist then that technological advances are making incredible leaps forward?From a personal point of view, how can I preserve my battery failure smartphone?We lift the veil on some tips.

Why autonomy is not better?

Most modern smartphones operate with Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po).These are a variation of the Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) appeared on the market in early 1990. Unlike all the other components of a smartphone (such as the processor or the screen), technological advances in are battery, at the risk of disappointing some extremely slow.

Here's an example: The battery of the first iPhone, released in 2007, had a range of 1,400 milliamp hours (mAh).That of the iPhone 6, released in 2014, offers 1,810 mAh.While it is true that it is a little smaller but the standby time has remained the same all these years (250 hours).

Limitations of battery technology

Going from 6 to 10 hours, new smartphones certainly allow use of the longest mobile Internet.But for comparison: the performance of a smartphone processor has been multiplied by 50 in the same period of time.Moreover, it could be further improved if it were not for the energy problem too quickly exhausted.

Nowadays, the technological potential of the Li-Ion has almost reached its limit.And still seeks his successor.We are promised imminent technological breakthroughs in battery but as long as these advances are still in the testing phase, the consumer will be condemned to watch overthe batterylevel.However, it can act accordingly.

How do I earn autonomy?

It is necessary, first, identify the applications and features that consume the most energy.Topping the list: the screen.It was he who consumes the most.The parade: Reduce brightness (when not sitting in the sun).This will reduce energy consumption.

To do this, go into the control center and to adjust the light intensity.To view the iPhone control center: just drag your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.On Android, the approach is similar except it be swept up and down.

Managing applications

Some applications consume more than they should.To remedy this, follow the instructions below.IPhone: Go to Settings then "General", "use", "battery use."Android: go to settings then "my device // More" and "battery".

Remember to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you do not use regularly.Otherwise, the unit automatically try to connect to networks, which is energy-intensive.To turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, view the control center.IPhone: sweeping his finger from the bottom up;in Android: from top to bottom.

Increase backup time with additional battery

By having a second battery, it is possible to double the usage time of the smartphone.You just open the case and proceed to the battery change.But fewer and fewer manufacturers offer interchangeable batteries.

One solution is to purchase external battery packs.These gadgets are worth about 20 francs and slip easily into a purse or pocket of jeans.With these devices, the smartphone usage time is doubled or even tripled.This is by far the most ergonomic solution for people who daily are traveling and / or work long hours.By putting a little more hands in their pockets, it is possible to buy hulls incorporating an additional battery system, an even simpler solution.

Caring consumption

To increase the autonomy of its smartphone and the life of the battery, the user must be careful to use his device.It should, for example, avoid completely discharge the battery.Or, do not subject it to abrupt temperature changes.

Finally, avoid just to do too much and do not let the autonomy of dictate your daily smartphone.Be aware that using the battery normally, it should last a few years and autonomy should not undergo radical change.