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Announcing Our Reader-Nominated Outstanding Performance Award Winners - Keubiko And Disciplined Contrarian

Dear readers,

This week's Outstanding Performance awards winners again come from our pool of reader and contributor nominations. We're going with two great short calls from 2014. Both went against the rising market trend to pick out smaller companies in the tech space that were ripe to drop. Both made compelling cases that paid off well for readers, and that were nominated for an award by a fellow contributor. We're excited to select them as this week's winners.

This week's Outstanding Performance Award winners are:

  1. Keubiko for his Top Short idea on Destiny Media (DSNY) published in February 2014. Return to date: +73%
  2. Disciplined Contrarian for his short idea on (CRCM) published in June 2014. Return to date: +38%

Both authors have updated their thesis on the original article. Both articles are part of the SA PRO equity research archive, available exclusively to SA PRO subscribers, but… Read More …