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Apple Blew Past Lowered Expectations

It would be a stretch to say Apple blew it out of the ballpark, but I do want to mention that the stock is looking a lot healthier after three sequential quarters of earnings misses. I think expectations have finally reset to low enough levels for investors to regain conviction in earnings results, as success is measured in single digit y/y improvements in the operating/revenue lines of the business as opposed to blistering earnings growth on the adoption of new form factors and updates to pre-existing smartphone lines.

That being the case, the company reported revenue of $42.358 billion and diluted EPS of $1.42, which compared to my revenue estimate of $42.398 billion and diluted EPS of $1.46. The company was below my revenue estimate by $30 million, which translated into the diluted $.04 difference, but not withstanding those differences, the stock rallied on better than expected earnings (I was the high-end of the range for both revenue and earnings).

Investors can get a little more aggressive on Apple given the lowered expectations on earnings/revenue. After all, even a modest sales/earnings beat is enough to drive the stock substantially higher.

I will provide additional/live commentary on Apple and various technology stocks given the massive influx of data from management, research notes from sell side notes, and on-going news.