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Review: Easyacc iChoc M5 External Battery Pack

Manufacturers of external battery packs are a dime a dozen these days. But that still doesn’t stop any of them from pushing onward with better and more innovative devices. It’s how progress goes, right?

While many external battery packs go for grippable, rounded, or meaty designs, Easyacc iChoc M5 takes a completely different approach. It’s flat and thin, mirroring the surface area of many of today’s smartphones. This makes the battery very stackable and easy to carry along with other devices in the hand. It also packs well too.

But the primary feature that sets the Easyacc iChoc M5 apart from much of the competition is the built-in cable for charging devices. While some cables are easy and convenient to keep on hand, most are not. Even a shorter cable ends up as yet another object to remember, and charging won’t happen without it.

The built-in cable lies flush with the edge of the battery, yet easy to snap in and out. It’s long enough where I can connect my smartphone and set it on top or to the side.

Have more than one gadget? The Easyacc iChoc M5 has a USB output port, letting you charge up an additional device if you happen to have another cable. Or maybe tell your friend you’ll share some juice if they proffer their own cable, right? The battery packs 5000mAh of power and can output up to 2.5A for two devices at the same time.

In terms of construction, the Easyacc iChoc M5 is pretty solid despite how light it sits in the hand. I casually threw it across the room just to see what would happen. A few bounces and tumbles left only some scratches. Extreme, maybe, but the last thing I want is something to crack open on pavement if it happens to fall out ofmy backbag.

4 flashy integrated LED indicators show the power status. Just 0.31 inch ultra-slim, iChoc is one of the thinnest powerbank in the world. Compact design with the size of 13.1 x 8 x 0.8 cm allows you easily handle it in one hand. While charging, you can talk on the phone, the cool combination of your phone and iChoc will definitely catch people’s eyes.

There’s nothing overly flashy with the Easyacc iChoc M5. No gimmicks. No teeny bulb pretending to be a flashlight. None of that. It’s just a simple battery with a built-in cable that works hard and delivers. This no-nonsense approach totally works for me.