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IsoRay Hits It Big: M.D. Anderson Using IsoRays Cesium-131 After Clinical Trial 1 comment

A lot of people have been emailing and messaging me the last couple weeks with questions about IsoRay (NYSEMKT: ISR); what do I know about the M.D. Andersons clinical prostate cancer trial, what do I know about IsoRays latest shelf offering, what do I think is going to happen to IsoRays share price and what is going on with the class action lawsuit that was filed against IsoRay in May. So let me answer all the questions, in order, real quick. I don't know. Holy cow, what shelf offering? Much higher. And I could care less, because I am tired of hearing about the silly lawsuit. The lawsuit has no merit and it is so small even if they lost the case, which is unlikely, it would have no bearing on the share price or the company's future.

Let me start by giving a little information about IsoRay. They are a small biomedical company out of Richland, Washington, with a line of patented products, including Cesium-131, a multi-cancer treatment that is currently FDA approved for treating prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, ocular cancer, head and neck cancer, and other cancers throughout the body. What makes Cesium-131 so incredible is that it has an unbelievably high success rate and minimal side effects compared to other cancer treatments. IsoRays products are also covered by Medicare as well as private insurance. So there are no limitation on receiving payments and reimbursements.

Cesium-131 is the biggest advancement in low dose radiation and brachytherapy in the brachytherapy in the last 20 years and with its issued patents and FDA approval for several types of cancer, IsoRay is protected from their competitors entering the market. This gives them a monopoly in the market. IsoRays patented technology for seperating Cesium-131 from barium leaves a highly purified form of Cesium-131 that is free from other metals and radioactive ions, which is required in order for it to be useful. It also has patented technology in the construction of CS-1 permanently implantable seed. IsoRays patented process for Cesium-131 allows it to be permanently implanted so as to only need one treatment, instead of numerous as is the norm with external beam radiation treatment. Cesium-131 is also the fastest decaying isotope with only a 9.7 day half-life, which is much shorter compared to other brachytherapy treatments. This allows it to be used to treat aggressive cancers, such as brain, lung, head and neck, gynecological, prostate etc., with incredible results and minimal complications, therefore enhancing the patients quality of life.

Now to to answer the questions in a little more detail, I traveled to Houston, TX this past week to try and get some information concerning the Phase II clinical trial that was conducted at M.D. Anderson, I called IsoRay CEO Dwight Babcock.

First, this is what I found out from Dr. Frank and M.D. Anderson about the clinical trial. Per Dr. Frank...