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Prisoners in North Korean labor camps are forced to wear diapers as they work because they are denied bathroom breaks. Oh, my bad, that should say “Workers in US poultry plants” at the beginning

I kind of have a hard time believing this, but if it is going on, the government needs to hit these companies with all their weight.

I worked in one plant and we had a supervisor (i.e. asshole) that we called “birddog” for various reasons, who came to me one time and told me I was going to the bathroom too many times. I told him, “I have two rules, I don’t sweat on company time and I don’t take a shiat on mine.” He just stood there with an even more dumb look on his face than he usually had.

This is how we make America great again. Nobody said it was going to be ready. The hardest part of building a production line is incorporating human factors. That’s why robots are the future. I wonder just how common the Oxfam allegations are. I have no doubt that they occur, but I do doubt that it’s being done with the approval of upper level corporate management because almost no one at that level wants OSHA to come crashing down on them like a ton of bricks. Considering that OSHA doesn’t have anywhere near enough people or funding to effectively go after people proactively, well the higher ups don’t have that much to worry about.

“We value our team members and treat them with respect,” according to an e-mailed statement from Tyson. The company is “concerned about these anonymous claims, and while we currently have no evidence they’re true, are checking to make sure our position on restroom breaks is being followed and our team members’ needs are being met,” according to the statement.