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British Airways Testing New Digital Bag Tag System

British Airways is now undergoing trial period of personalized digital bag tag.  Right now, Microsoft employees going through London Heathrow Terminal 5 are the ones who are doing the testing.  They've been given Lumia Windows Phones which has the new BA application installed on it.  This app can be used to check-in, select seats, and download boarding tickets.  What it does, is update the tag with a unique barcode and you can see flight information as well as where the bag is going to.  All this, just by putting a phone near it, kinda like the Red Laser app.

By utilizing this new technology, the airline will no longer need a new paper tag for each flight.  We may wonder how this system will hold up beyond the testing phase, when there's so much going on at once at the airports.  Well, worry not, they are making sure that the system can handle the craziness of day-to-day processes.  Eventually, the digital bag tag will be able to work with every kind of smart phones.

I think this will save a lot of time and effort for passengers and airlines alike, thus improving efficiency in general.  Good move, British Airways!